Cooperative members own a piece of the company and they help steer the direction of the 
company through the elected Board Members. 

Community Investment

ASTAC supports the communities in multiple ways
*  Award two scholarships each year 
*  Major supporter of the following North Slope Borough School District progams:
Battle of the Books
FIRST Lego League
*  Major sponsor of Piuraagiaqta's Top of the World golf tournament
*  Participate in Barrow's 4th of July parade 
*  During the Cooperative’s Annual Meetings, door prizes include $400 gas 
   vouchers (one each per village, except Prudhoe Bay) and $7,200 in cash
   (across all villages)
*  Our Barrow employees shop and support local businesses

Record of Service

ASTAC provides high quality and reliable service by having local management, customer service and 
technicians available in the locations we serve which allows us to respond quickly and efficiently.


Return on Investment

ASTAC reinvests earnings into high quality new services. In 2016, ASTAC upgraded its entire wireless network 
to 4G across the North Slope. As new services are adopted by the membership, revenues have continued 
to grow. Capital credits are being allocated to our members when we have a positive tax net income. 


Stream. Game. Download. That's 4G