Access the best Internet connection available.

Five different plans to meet your budget and usage needs.


Home Bundle Pricing 



256K/128K 384K/128K 512K/256K



DSL Speeds

Up to  Up to Up to Up to Up to

Monthly Rates

$69.99 w/ 200 LD

$84.99 w/ 500 LD

$109.99 w/ 1K LD  

$89.99 w/ 200 LD

$104.99 w/ 500 LD

$129.99 w/ 1K LD  

$109.99 w/ 200 LD 

$124.99 w/ 500 LD 

$149.99 w/ 1K LD  

$139.99 w/ 200 LD 

$154.99 w/ 500 LD 

$179.99 w/ 1K LD  


$169.99 w/ 200 LD

$184.99 w/ 500 LD

$209.99 w/ 1K LD



DSL Usage Unlimited (See ASTAC's Terms & Conditions Acceptable Use Policy. 
Speeds shown are not dedicated.)
Local Phone

Included Features: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Continuous Redial & Last Call Return. 
Features may vary by location.

Long Distance

200 minute, 500 minute or 1,000 Nationwide minute plans available. Overage: $0.07/minute.**

**Nationwide calling rate does not apply to U.S. territories and International calls.

With one-year contract, $99 DSL installation fee is waived. Taxes and surcharges additional.

Some restrictions may apply.


Stand Alone Internet Service Pricing - Barrow & Villages



256/128 384/128 512/256



Download Speeds

up to

256 Kbps 384 Kbps 512 Kbps 768 Kbps 1 Mbps

Upload Speeds

up to

128 Kbps 128 Kbps 256 Kbps 256 Kbps 384 Kbps
Included Usage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts

up to 5

(1 GB each)

up to 5

(1 GB each)

up to 5

(1 GB each)

up to 5

(1 GB each)

up to 5
(1 GB each) 

Web Storage Space 10 MB 10 MB 10 MB 10 MB 10 MB

Technical Support


Included Included Included Included Included
Monthly Rate $49.99/month $69.99/month $89.99/month $119.99/month $149.99/month
Installation Fee $99.00* $99.00* $99.00* $99.00* $99.00*

*1 year contract waives installation fee (penalty for early termination).

Requires landline. Taxes and surcharges additional. Some restrictions may apply.


Dedicated Internet options are available in all locations. Contact Business Sales at


Pricing and other options for Deadhorse are not included. For quotes contact Business
Sales at


Sign-up Today


1)  Complete the DSL Application 

2)  Barrow Applications: fax to (907) 852-0006

3)  For all other locations: fax applications to (907) 563-3394



Need Technical Support?


Before you call - follow these simple steps to troubleshoot. Do not push any buttons on your Internet modem!


-Step 1 - Unplug power to your modem for 10 seconds. Plug the modem back in.

-Step 2 - Unplug power to your router (if you have one) for 10 seconds. Plug the router back in.

-Step 3 - Wait 10 minutes for modem and router to sync up.

-Step 4 - Turn off your computer and any handheld devices that are connected to your router for 10 seconds. Turn it/them back on.


If the "link" light on your modem does not light up, Contact Technical Support 24 hours a day, 7 day a week at 






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