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*Governor Walker Approves Buildout Plan for First Responder Network - 8.30.17

*ASTAC donation expands reading program in North Slope Schools - 8.24.17

*Fiber-laying ship calls on Internet-starved Aleutions - 7.13.17


*Fiber-optic Broadband Set to Go Live in Northern Alaska by Year's End - 5.9.17

*ASTAC 2015 Annual Report and Complete Marketing Campaign recognized with NTCA TeleChoice Award - 5.8.17

*ASTAC Modernizes Its Annual Meeting Voting Process - 4.13.17

*Alaska Telephone Association Scholarship, Due April 14, 2017


*ASTAC Finishes First 4G High-Speed Data on the North Slope - 1.13.17

*ASTAC Names Business Development Director - 11.26.16

*The future of North Slope telecommunications just got brighter. The federal government has agreed to continue providing Universal Service High Cost Support to ASTAC and other rural Alaska telecommunications companies to upgrade wirleess services and migrate legacy networks to IP. This funding has been cut in other parts of the country, but the FCC, Alaska Telephone Association, ASTAC and other carriers worked hard to implement a 10-year freeze on changing the program in Alaska.


*ASTAC Director of Operations Takes CEO Job - 9.1.16

*ASTAC and AT&T Bring First 4G Wireless Service to Barrow - 7.6.16

*ASTAC 2014 Annual Report recognized with NTCA TeleChoice Award - 5.12.16 

*Diminished sea ice is easing an effort to lay Arctic broadband cable - 5.11.16

*ASTAC deploys broadband cellular network on the edge of exploration - 2.29.16

 *Project to deliver high-speed Internet to Alaska Arctic ramps up - 2.12.16


Effective January 1, 2016 the Alaska Universal Service Surcharge (AUSF) will increase from 10.4% to 11.5% for LEC and $2.34 per line to $3.24 per line per month for cellular. The Federal Universal Service Charge (FUSC) will also increase on January 1, 2016 for the subscriber line charge from 16.7% to 18.2% for LEC and $1.30 per line to $2.57 per line per month for celluar.



*North Slope students prepare for Battle of the Books - 11.20.15

*Swoosh free-throw winner head to Shootout - 11.20.15


*ASTAC Continuing to Support Youth with Battle of the Books Contribution - 8.10.15


*USDA Rural Development Announces Funding for Rural Broadband Project - 7.30.15

*Arctic-Spanning Fiber-Optic Project Moves Ahead in Alaska - 5.11.15


*ASTAC and AT&T Agree to Upgrade Network - 4.2.15

*ASTAC and Others Donate to New Scoreboard for City of Barrow - 3.23.15


*Fiber-optic Internet Service Project for Northern, Western Alaska Delayed - 12.20.14


*Jens Laipenieks Promoted to Director of Operations - 12.5.14


*ASTAC Supporting Youth with Battle of the Books Contribution - 7.11.14


* NECA's Washington Watch
   Provides timely summaries of actions of the FCC, other government agencies, 
   Congress and the telecommunications industry. Washington Watch enhances
   research with time-saving hyperlinks to key documents released by the FCC, NTIA,
   Federal Courts, Congress and other relevant sources.


* Arctic Fibre Completes Canadian License Application - 10.22.2013


Arctic Fibre Project Summary (English) – 10.21.2013


* Alaska Delegation Wins Two-Year Reprieve from FCC on Universal Service Fund Changes


* Arctic Fibre is proceeding with landing site analysis in Canada. 
   This step was completed on the North Slope this spring as the undersea fiber
   project continues to move forward.


* My Turn: Protecting Alaska from misguided federal oversight


* Will bad data make rural Alaska miss the broadband revolution?


* Alaska's North Slope may get blazing fast Internet access


* Will the FCC Stay Committed to Rural America?


* Save Rural Broadband - Why this Issue is Important


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