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Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative Inc. (ASTAC), the North Slope provider of choice, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Unlimited Internet to their membership, ushering in a new era of limitless connectivity. Additionally, ASTAC is lowering plan rates and releasing elder plans to provide increased affordability to its members.

Speaking about the launch, ASTAC CEO/General Manager Jens Laipenieks, “At ASTAC, we believe that access to the internet is a fundamental right for all. Our Unlimited Internet Plans represent a significant step towards eliminating the digital divide and empowering individuals, families, and businesses with seamless, unrestricted connectivity. We are excited to bring this transformative offering to users and revolutionize the way people connect, collaborate, and innovate.”

ASTAC’s Unlimited Internet Plans are designed to provide users with unrestricted access to the vast resources of the online world, eliminating the barriers and limitations that have hindered internet usage in the past. With these plans, users will no longer have to worry about data caps, speed throttling, or additional charges for exceeding their allocated bandwidth. ASTAC’s commitment to democratizing internet access ensures that all users can fully explore and engage in the digital realm without constraints.

“ASTAC is very pleased to bring the fastest, most reliable and high throughput internet services to these North Slope communities in the new unlimited capacities,” said ASTAC Sr. Customer Experience Manager Ashlee Bobbitt. “Our team is dedicated to bringing our membership a Top of the World connection and lead the way in unlimited and fiber services.”

The cooperative has made tremendous technological improvements in its over 40 years in business. From providing basic landline service to dial-up Internet and now providing Unlimited Internet in the most northern area of the world, ASTAC will continue to improve the telecommunications services for its members. ASTAC’s Unlimited Internet Plans are now available for subscription, offering users an unparalleled online experience. To learn more about the plans and sign up, please visit