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ASTAC Service Area Residences 91% Fiber Connected

Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative, Inc. (ASTAC), a leader in fiber connectivity in the state and nation, has achieved a significant milestone, having connected 91% of North Slope residences and businesses to their fiber network. ASTAC is dedicated to providing residents with high-speed, reliable, and future-proof internet services. The investment and deployment of Fiber-to-the-Home technology will ensure that customers experience unparalleled internet speeds, low latency, and a seamless online experience for both work and leisure, now and into the future.

In addition, the cooperative has dropped its prices on all plans and now offers unlimited connectivity in all communities. The plan price drops, in combination with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) through the FCC, make for the fastest and most affordable internet service at the Top of the World.

ASTAC’s CEO/GM Jens Laipenieks enthusiastically shared, “Our team is dedicated to the cooperative’s mission of connecting the North Slope to terrestrial fiber networks. Our members have been instrumental in achieving all our goals and we are grateful to them for loyalty and support through the decades.”

The cooperative plans to complete 100% fiber-to-the-home connections across terrestrial networks within the next couple of years, and the remaining fiber network builds are funded and in progress.

The ASTAC team would like to thank our exceptional employees and all the residents of all our communities for feedback, direction, and support as we work together to bring faster, more reliable connectivity to everyone on the North Slope.