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Business Ethernet

Expand your communications among multiple locations seamlessly, whether you have two sites or 10.

Business Ethernet

With Business Ethernet, you can link all your business locations to one network while keeping your business connected, employees productive, and data secure. Ethernet network technology is an extension of your current office LAN or WAN network to multiple business locations. ASTAC can provide a comprehensive analysis of your network traffic to evaluate your unique network traffic, application priorities and QoS requirements

Local Area Networks (LAN)

  • Services range from straightforward networks with a single switch that support just a few computers to campus environments that encompass phones, internal and external wireless access, computers and servers.
  • ASTAC can design your LANs and set up your devices. We can manage and monitor them as well, providing 24/7 support where we take on as much or as little of your overhead as you see fit.
  • Our network services can also include support for routers, switches and access points, along with the desktop and server management as needed.

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

  • Services range from voice and data communications between two sites to enterprise-scale deployments across multiple sites with diverse paths to guard against outages and provide automatic failover.
  • We offer Layer 2 unmanaged or monitored services in addition to unmanaged or managed Layer 3 services. Data security, network and resource controls, VPN capabilities, quality of service (QoS) requirements  and uptime guarantees are all factored into the solution and are backed by 24/7 monitoring and responsive service-level agreements.


Business Ethernet is designed to provide the best performing network for even the most demanding and complex network environments. IT professionals can reliably use the cloud to power performance-sensitive applications and provide network services with the highest reliability, to the most users, across the largest footprint.

With access to a solid network foundation, businesses gain reliability, scalability and control needed to fully realize the promise of the cloud. We’ve designed Ethernet services that make sure your network works as reliably as you do, with a commitment to meeting our promised service delivery levels.

Optimize productivity by enabling work groups to communicate across geographic locations with secure, low-latency connections required for sensitive business applications.

With Ethernet, you get dedicated, private connections and routing control capabilities to ensure your information travels safely and securely between locations.

Allocate specific bandwidth to each of your business locations with the freedom to adjust it as your business needs change.

Periodization of traffic is available to support your different applications and enable all your voice, video and data traffic to travel on the same network, routing critical real-time information first.

Our team of carrier ethernet certified professionals will work with you to engineer and design your network to map out the composition and diversity that fits your business goals and strategies.

Nomadic Ethernet

Business Ethernet Connections on the Go

Today’s workforce demands mobility to be their most productive. To deliver it, businesses need a fast, reliable and secure Nomadic Ethernet connection that gives users the ability to move freely, meeting to meeting, with no disruptions. ASTAC’s Private LTE WAN powers our Nomadic Ethernet to make mobility possible while providing scalability to a meshed network.


Based on your specific needs, ASTAC creates a customizable Nomadic Ethernet network with features and equipment built to support your business’s critical data.

Easy-to-manage user directories keep only approved users and their information safe with enterprise-strength WAP encryption keys.

Stay productive with reliable Nomadic Ethernet while reducing IT costs and downtime. Our experts will design and deploy a Nomadic Ethernet solution scaled for your business.

Allocate specific bandwidth to each of your business locations with the freedom to adjust it as your business needs change.

Easily adjust your power settings to increase or decrease the range of your access points depending on your traffic.

Ensure constant connections between rooms and hallways with our managed Nomadic Ethernet.

Business & Enterprise Services Inquiry

ASTAC has various options and terms for business customers. Contact us at 1-800-478-6409 or email us for more information.