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Requests for Donation

A Tradition of Community Support

ASTAC has a strong tradition of supporting community needs throughout our service areas. We regard partnerships with nonprofit organizations as an important investment in the future of communities we serve and the vitality of our company.

Over time, we have participated in and assisted with many community projects and festivals, educational programs, youth sports activities, local government, health programs, and nonprofit organizations. To achieve the greatest benefit from our available funding, ASTAC focus is on events and programs that directly impact the communities we serve that benefit a group or community.

ASTAC and its employees take pride in bringing people, businesses and organizations together; after all, it’s what being part of a community is all about.

ASTAC believes in supporting the community and areas we serve by providing sponsorships and donations to various organizations. Specifically, we support those organizations and activities that encourage youth participation, community spirit, cooperation and education specifically those that preserve and promote the Inupiat culture.

1.  Non-profit Organization (not an individual or for-profit business)
2.  Organization benefits people in the communities that ASTAC and its affiliates serve
3.  Organization does not have a religious focus
4.  Organization does not have a political focus
5.  Organization does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, national origin, religion, or creed

1.  Submit Donation Request Form at least 30 days prior to event date.
2.  If cash donation is requested, provide copy of W9 with Donation Request Form
3.  Mail, Fax, or bring completed paperwork to an ASTAC Office location.

Previous Donations

  1. Alaska Beluga Whale Committee
  2. Arctic Education Foundation
  3. Arctic Slope Community Foundation
  4. Barrow High School Wrestling Team
  5. Illisagvik College
  6. Ipalook Choir
  7. Kiita Learning Community Student Council
  8. Kivgiq 2023
  9. Native Village of Barrow
  10. North Slope Communities Candy
  11. NSBSD Battle of The Books Program
  12. NSBSD Sports
  13. Tikigaq Dance Group
  1. Arctic Slope Community Foundation
  2. Barrow Dancers
  3. Barrow Whalers Football
  4. Kiita Learning Community Student Council
  5. Native Village of Atqasuk
  6. North Slope Borough Senior Program
  7. North Slope Sports Package
  8. NSBSD Battle of The Books
  9. Point Hope Booster Club
  10. Rural Wireless Association, RWA Summit Sponsorship
  11. Tikigaq Cultural Classes
  12. UIC Science, LLC, Naval Arctic Sponsorship
  13. Whaling Commission
  1. Ilisaġvik College, Workforce Development
  2. Barrow Whaler Wrestling Program
  3. BUECI, Annual Meeting
  4. Alaska Telecom Association, Annual Meeting, Silver Sponsor
  5. Tigara Education Foundation, 12th Annual Golf Tournament, Golf Team Sponsor
  6. Alaska Sports Hall of Fame, 100 Miles in May
  7. City of Wainwright, Community Annual Events
  1. Barrow Whaler Football Program, Football Training & Skills Camp
  2. Arctic Slope Native Association, Annual Family Fun Day
  3. Food Bank of Alaska
  4. North Slope Borough Inupiat History, Language & Culture Conference 
  5. City of Wainwright, Recreation Department
  6. Arctic Education Foundation, Ivalu Gala
  7. BUECI, Annual Meetings
  8. Slope Services & Repair
  9. Nalukataq Whaling Crew
  10. Native Village of Atqasuk, Annual Meetings
  11. City of Wainwright, Christmas Games
  1. NSB Dept. of Health & Social Services, Senior Center, Annual Easter Egg Hunt
  2. North Slope Borough School District, ANSEP Program
  3. City of Wainwright, Annual July Jamboree
  4. Ilisagvik College
  5. Barrow Whaler Athletic Foundation
  6. Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission, Whaling Captains’ Convention
  7. Ipalook Elementary School Choir, Disneyland Choir Workshop
  8. Alaska Telephone Association, Annual Meeting
  9. Shoot for the Cure, Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser
  10. RINA Wireless
  11. ASRC, Navigating the North Innovation Summit
  12. City of Point Hope, July 4th Community Celebration
  13. North Slope Borough, Kivgiq
  14. Arctic Education Foundation Banquet Reception
  15. Arctic Slope Community Foundation Annual Gala
  16. Tagiugmiullu Nunamiullu Housing Authority Community Open House
  17. Naqsragmuit Dance Group, Travel to AFN
  18. Native Village of Atqasuk, Annual Meeting
  19. Junior Achievement, Statewide School Materials
  20. Native Village of Barrow, Annual Meeting