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Fiber Deployment &
Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Deployment

Today’s digital life is expanding and demanding high-speed connectivity into more areas of society and business.

The need for fiber optic transmission is rapidly increasing, along with the ever-increasing bandwidth requirement, driven by new advanced software applications that are required in our day to day lives.

Operating a network can be complicated, and requires significant effort to determine how our customers will be serviced once connected. We help our customers establish a sustainable operation to ensure the success of their network, once built.

Fiber optic deployments come in many varieties, so working with an experienced crew is paramount to being able to adapt to any environment the situation presents. Whatever your fiber project, 24 count fiber running into a single location, or a multiple entry application with thousands of terminations, like a data center or fiber to the home, we will make sure everything comes together as planned.

ASTAC can assist you with everything, from aerial and underground, to premise splicing anywhere in Alaska. We identify the security, performance, and sustainability needs of the project to meet your business requirements.

Setup & Installation Services

ASTAC’s setup and installation services can provide the resources to build or expand your network. We help you choose the right design, technology and hardware that suits your business needs.

Our technicians are ETA Certified OSP Installers and have experience working with the following enclosures:

  • TYCO Enclosures – Specifically 400 and 450D (Raychem)
  • Corning Enclosures – Specifically 22″ LT 28″ Ribbon
  • 3M – Specifically Lightlinker
  • Multilink – Specifically 400D & Starfighter
  • Coyote Runt
  • Commscope FOSC series closures
  • ONT and ONU placement for FTTP projects
  • Premise wiring for FTTP projects
  • Emergency Maintenance agreements
  • Network Audit Services (Informing you what you have in the field)