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CommandIQ Benefits

To utilize these free benefits download the GoASTAC app.

What is CommandIQ?

An Android or Apple Smartphone app that puts you in control of your home Wi-Fi network.

CommandIQ Features


• Change or reset your Wi-Fi network name or password directly from the app.
• See the devices currently using your Wi-Fi.
• Categorize your devices (e.g. personal devices, work devices, mobile devices, gaming devices).
• Pause the internet for any device, at any time.
• Create routines for scheduled downtime (i.e. bedtime or limited access to gaming devices during school time).
• Create a temporary or shareable guest network without sharing your main network name and password. Great for house guests, visitors, babysitters, house sitters, or pet sitters. Text the guest network login information directly from the app.
• Run a speed test (GigaSpire only) to verify the speed you are getting is the speed you are paying for.
• Receive updates about any planned network
maintenance, or upcoming community events,

Forgotten your Wi-Fi network name or password?
No problem! You can now change this information anytime you want directly from the app. No need to pick up the phone and call anyone to make a simple fix yourself.

Are you concerned about how much time your
kids are spending looking at screens? Parents or
grandparents can now create healthy habits for screen time directly in the app.

Do your kids take their devices to bed and stay up late looking at their screens? Create bedtime routines so that your child's devices get disconnected from the internet at a set time, and don't reconnect until the next morning.

• Tired of giving your network name and password to friends and family when they come over? Create a guest network they can connect to without needing your actual network information. Text it directly to anyone you want to have access.

• Concerned that your neighbors might be connecting to your Wi-Fi network? Get alerts anytime a new device is connected, and see all devices connected at any time in the dashboard.

Is there any cost for this app?
Nope, the app is completely free!


Paid GoASTAC Benefits

What is ExperiencelQ?

A service that protects children or grandchildren from harmful or inappropriate content, limits screen time on devices or applications, and displays online usage through our enhanced parental control app.

ExperienceIQ Features


• Block inappropriate categories like pornography or violence.
• Block applications that you deem inappropriate. (e.g. gaming applications like Call of Duty, or social applications like Snapchat.)
• Set time limits for specific applications, like TikTok, to cap screen time.
• Set Safe Search and YouTube Restriction to block harmful or inappropriate content with searching on Google, Bing or YouTube. YouTube Restriction also blocks all comments on videos which often include inappropriate language.
• View usage for all devices to better understand HOW the internet is being used in your home.
• Prioritize application groups or specific devices to ensure the best possible experiences for your most important needs.
• Set schedules so that work applications get priority during the day, and streaming applications get priority in the evening.

• Are you concerned about your children or
grandchildren seeing inappropriate content online?
Provide a safer internet experience based on what YOU feel is appropriate. You can now block entire categories of content (like pornography or violence).
• Are you concerned about how much time your children are spending on apps like TikTok or Fortnite?
It is very easy for kids to get lost in these social applications. Now, you can set time limits to create healthier routines and enforce boundaries.
Are you worried about what your kids might accidentally see on YouTube? YouTube has great content for your kids, but it also has lots of content you likely don't think is appropriate. YouTube Restriction keeps your kids
safer by blocking specific videos AND blocking comments displayed under videos.
• Do you know how much time your kids are spending on their devices, or on specific applications? With usage data get insight into how your children are using technology and create healthy boundaries.
• Are you tired of battling for bandwidth against your family? With more devices connected in our homes every day, conflicts can occur. You can now prioritize application groups (like work apps during the day, and streaming apps in the evening) or devices (like your work laptop) to make sure the most important devices have dedicated bandwidth.
• Do you work from home? Set a priority for your work laptop to make sure you always have the bandwidth you need for video conferences.
Are you a gamer? Set a priority when you are gaming to make sure our gaming traffic is prioritized.
Are you a streaming family? Give priority to all your streaming traffic so no one gets the spinning wheel of "not enough bandwidth".

What is ProtectlQ?

A network-level security service that protects ALL devices connected to your Wi-Fi. If it's connected it's protected!

ProtectIQ Features


• Proactively monitors your home's incoming traffic and automatically blocks anything suspicious.
• Blocks attempted visits to known harmful websites,
presenting users with a browser message indicating
that the website is not available.
• Provide an active security monitoring service that
uses a large and constantly growing database of
threats (database is updated weekly).
• Uses Intrusion Prevention Settings (IPS) to monitor, notify, and prevent activity such as hackers trying to gain access to the local video content (Wi-Fi connected doorbell or baby monitor), virtual meetings, and other streams.
• Actively terminates data transfers before a malicious payload is delivered to any vulnerable network device.
• Notifies users whenever a security issue is triggered, with details about the device that was attacked. Where the attack came from, and when the attack occurred.

• Do you worry about the security of your connected devices?
Hackers continue to get more sophisticated finding new ways to gain access and create havoc in our networks. You need a solution that protects ALL of the devices in your network.
• When was the last time you updated the virus protection for your smart doorbell or thermostat?
Virus protection solutions (like Norton or McAfee) don't protect everything. They might protect a laptop or desktop, but there is no protection for your smart home devices. You can't install virus protection on a Nest Thermostat or Ring Doorbell.
• How many times have you ignored the suggested updates for virus protection you might have installed on a computer?
ProtectIQ updates every single week, automatically protecting you from a growth list of known threats, for every connected device in your home. No manual update required.
Did you know hackers can push into your home network through unprotected connected devices?
Devices like Amazon Echo, Nest, security cameras, and even our phones are constantly pushing data back to the Cloud. Hackers are constantly looking to steal this information. But with Intrusion Prevention Settings you can rest assured that ProtectIQ is constantly monitoring the traffic in your network to block intrusions and threats

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