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Subsea Fiber Outage


The team aboard the repair vessel is still working to get the seaside fiber cable aboard for repair. Due to the low visibility and poor weather conditions, it has been a challenge to retrieve the cable. They have increased grapnel run efforts and are exploring different options to speed along the retrieval. Quintillion will share updates as soon as they are available.

ASTAC's team is on standby for when the repair is complete and will begin work immediately upon the cable splicing completion. We have plans and team in place to get the fiber turned on as soon as possible and return customers to the regular fiber network connection. Once the cable is repaired it will take a bit of time to revert customers back to the fiber but we have all hands on deck and are staying ready around the clock for when we get the word.

We want to thank all our members and communities for your understanding during this difficult time and appreciate your kindness and patience throughout the process. We look forward to getting everyone back onto their fiber connection and back to normal.


INTERNET CONNECTION: ASTAC customers in all affected communities have internet back online in a limited capacity. The network is fully optimized for the duration of the outage. Due to the limited satellite capacity ASTAC would advise users to not stream content at this time, as this will cause network congestion and latency.

CELLULAR CONNECTION: Wireless voice and text are back online and working. There may be latency during the high traffic times due to congestion on the network.

LANDLINE CONNECTION: The intra-village connections has remained online and the landline calling has been restored. EMERGENCY SERVICES: Connecting calls may have a slight delay but please stay on the line and your call will be connected. SERVICE CREDITS: Customers will be receiving full credits for the full outage period and all services. Following the back up restorations, there will be partial credits added to accounts based on the connectivity until the fiber is restored.

We appreciate our customers loyalty and patience and look forward to continued connection. Quyanaqpuk.

Updated: September 8, 2023
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